Friday, January 17, 2014

SEO Trends Businesses Should Expect in 2014

Companies that advertise their products and services online invest in search engine optimization. However, businesses must recognize that the search engine landscape has changed considerably in recent years, particularly since algorithm updates such as Panda are designed to weed out spammy webpages. Specialists are now weighing in on the SEO trends that will define the next 12 months. Here are a few of the most important changes to watch out for.

Social Media-driven Campaigns

Google+ is certainly not the only social platform to affect search results as search engines will become more “socially sensitive” by taking note of the number of posts, likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when displaying results. As such, companies would do well to build their presence on these sites to make their content more visible online.

Responsive Web Design

When smartphones and tablets took off, companies accordingly launched mobile versions of their websites to accommodate smaller screen sizes. However, search engines might get confused as to which version they should display on search results. As such, companies need to implement so-called responsive web design features that enable pages to automatically scale according to screen size and thereby eliminate the need to develop different website versions.

Enhanced Local Search Features

Around twenty percent of Google searches are local in nature, so businesses should make sure their content is optimized for their respective communities. Fortunately, some companies now offer custom local search engine optimization services to drum up local buzz.


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