Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Natural Link Building for Local Businesses

In a world dominated by an increasing demand to gain trustworthiness on the internet by building connections, link building plays an important role in marketing a local business online. Google, which leverages the biggest voice in the industry, asserts that any link building should be natural to avoid penalization. The following suggestions are a great way to naturally build links to your company’s website:
Join the BBB
The Better Business Bureau is a widely recognized independent consumer ratings provider that holds a high level of trustworthiness on Google. A local business that joins the BBB, maintains a high level of trust, and is able to display the BBB badge proudly on its site is more likely to be noticed not just by the search engines, but potential customers, as well.
It is for this same reason that businesses serious about online success are encouraged to join their local chamber of commerce, industry associations, and accreditation agencies.
Get involved in charitable work
Any business that involves itself in charitable work is bound to get noticed in the local community. This, on its own, should already be a great investment, but charitable work also opens up opportunities for news providers to link to your website. Of course, this type of link building also serves to fulfill a bigger purpose.
Get listed in local directories

A listing in local directories strengthens the legitimacy—and therefore the trustworthiness—of your website with search engines.


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